Thursday, August 21, 2014

Science Isn't School

School doesn’t officially start until after Labor Day.  That said, the kids’ science class started this week, but they don’t actually know that science is school, since their science teacher makes it all fun.  We met Jenny when Signa was two and we joined the local homeschool group.   We were in a preschool group together and I think have been together at least once a week ever since. 

Jenny is a scientist and a few years ago started teaching all our kids science.  This year, she had to move it to two groups, which I know is a lot for her, but we are beyond thankful that after 9 or so years of weekly science classes, the kids still don’t know it’s school and think it’s just a fun time with their friend Jenny.

This year it’s biology and they began with cells.  They looked at yeast under a microscope and made it blow up balloons.

I’m working hard at doing some planning for the different subjects and am trying out a homeschool organizing app for the iPad.  When I finish the plan, I’ll share what we are doing for each subject.


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