Monday, January 19, 2015

Halfway Point!

With our homeschool year getting to the half over mark, I thought I'd do a quick update. 

Science.  Jenny is still teaching science and just a couple of weeks ago, the kids got to dissect a frog.  Signa was note taker, but Will dove right in. 

History.  We've been very lazy on history in that we aren't following a curriculum, despite my plans.  Instead, we are going with whatever the kids (or us) are finding interesting for the week.  Marc will put on videos or websites and they learn about World War I or Vietnam War or Hitler or the pilgrims.  They just started a new Minecraft Homeschool class about the start of the Revolutionary War.  Then we’ll watch the new series that the History Channel is doing on this same subject.  I did have them write up something for history.  Here are their essays:
·         Signa’s essay about Pilgrims

Math.  They are still working through Aleks math.  I estimate that by March 1 they will be moving on to next year's math.

Writing.  The kids just finished up their MinecraftHomeschool where they practiced creative writing while building restaurants in their Minecraft worlds.  They also do journal writing every day.  Both kids prefer to work with a prompt, so I’ve given them a list to chose from.

Music. Will is doing great with piano and Signa with guitar.  Will has a recital coming up at the end of January and Signa finished a holiday sing-along, where she had her second solo tab playing (I missed the first one, though, as I was out of town).

Shakespeare. For their Shakespeare group, the kids are making the Globe Theatre in Minecraft and then making a YouTube video tour of it followed by the Macbeth witches scene acted out in Minecraft.  And done in very high pitched witches voice over that may make your glass shatter… I’ll post the link when it’s done.

Family history.  We last did Shakespeare’s family tree in our family history class and are working on a project for the local genealogical society of looking up obituaries on the half working microfilm machine at the library.  I think we’ll move to the cemetery next month.


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