Monday, August 24, 2015

Science isn't "School"

It’s time to start thinking about homeschooling again! Not that we ever don’t think, but now I’ve got to revise and plan new programs for the coming year.  One thing that is easy for us and I don't have to think about at all is science.  Because we have Jenny

Jenny has been our science teacher since Signa was 2.  I say “our” teacher, because I’ve learned more science from Jenny than I did in school and so whatever Jenny’s teaching, we are in. 

She teaches one class a week with some reading to do outside of class and at times, a report to give to the class.  My kids both love Jenny and her class (and her kids) and they actually for many years didn’t know that science was part of “school.”  They were baffled in the summer when the visits to Jenny stopped.  “Why aren’t we going to Jenny’s?  It’s Monday!”

We just said she was on vacation...

This year, Jenny’s tackling BigHistory.  I can’t wait to learn along with the kids!

You should follow Jenny's blog, "Homeschool Science Geek."  She's been posting a lot more than just science and I *ALWAYS* learn new things from her!


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